Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

Why does a change of scenery, particularly one that brings me closer to nature, stimulate my creative spirit?  I used to think it was having the time off from work to relax and pursue the other aspects of my life.  But now I've been retired for over a year, spend plenty of time on music and yet when I get away to the beach the ideas flow.  Two new musical ideas in as many days and some good thoughts articulated on other areas of importance to me.

Does being close to the Ocean waves affect the waves of thought within me?  Is it the time outdoors moving within and being moved by the Ocean?  Decreased social interactions and responsibilities?  Less overall distractions associated with the maintenance of our home and lives?  All of the above most likely.  I'll continue to nurture these changes of scenery as often as possible, with guitar in hand of course.

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