Thursday, December 3, 2020



This steelworkers son

forges disparate melodies

changing hearts and minds.

As we were completing our Qi Gong practice this morning I was thinking of release as the word for the day when my wife offered up Freedom. Close enough. How can I gain freedom in my practice and in the performance tomorrow?

First thing I did was to write the word freedom on paper and place it on the music stand so that I would see it occasionally. Then I’d have choice to pause. The pause could be simply a free mindful breaths, or some constructive thinking ala Alexander Technique, a walk or doing some more QG. Options available to ease the pyshco-physical being that I am and and nourish the being I wish to become. The remembering is the key to a path that works.

Played with the idea that arose around “Edges” on 11/29/20. No further development but there is something there. Focused on rehearsing the set.

Image by Sofia Cristina Córdova Valladares

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