Monday, November 16, 2009


In the early part of my guitar practice tonight I was working with  the Allegro in A minor Etude by Matteo Carcassi as transcribed for New Standard Tuning by Bert Lams. Decided to use this to broaden my fingerstyle technique. A bit distracted at first then I began settling into playing. I thought this is the best part of my day when I sit down with my guitar. But then I said wait I minute I love seeing Joann when I come home from work.

And I love embracing the day upon awakening, and Qi Gong in the morning, and my sitting. Generally I really enjoy seeing most of my collegues at work. And my family. And ... suddenly I realized most of my day and days are truly blessed. I have love, family music, health, and a way of life that sustains me.

So while I was working with the Etude to broaden my guitar technique it rapidly broadened my perspective. Life is very good.

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