Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Practice

                                 Photo by Dionne Hartnett
This morning after a thoroughly delightful beginning to my day I was ready to take my guitar from the case. As I often do I was doing gentle Qi Gong movements to stretch my hands and to allow my energy to move. Many times I remind myself why I am about to practice. Today I found myself replying to this question of Why am I practicing with these words.

- To bring glory to the creative spirit.
- To harmonize myself.
- To prepare a gift for others.


  1. - because my will is aligned with the cosmic Will.

  2. I'm honored that you chose one of my pieces for your blog! It's actually made by hand (I don't think I owned a digital camera yet!) and I took pictures of some of my favorite collages. This was one. :) I can't wait to listen to some of your music...
    ;) dionne.