Thursday, August 26, 2010


                                                           no hurt or pain, no suffering... You hold me now

Ahhhh if the world was perfect, I have a pretty good idea how I would spend most of my days. For now the day job is needed and attended to with skill, care, and enthusiasm. Sometimes these hours at work are long and draining. So what to do - practice.

Be it following my breath, playing my guitar, or following my breath while playing guitar. I practice. I've been doing a lot of listening lately, to the tracks from our recent live recordings with Tony. So many days of late I have only had 30 minutes to actually have my guitar in hand. Those minutes are so very nourishing, so very important. Allowing me to occasionally brush against the creative spirit, giving me the strength to attend to another day. Moments, precious moments of life. Music, sweet music.

Go practice NOW!

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