Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beyond the Fences

Black undulating wire fence

Always inspiring to do Qi Gong in the surf.  Watching the endless shapes of the waves coming to shore; listening to the volume of the crashes rising & falling, and feeling the water swirling about my feet - all inviting me back to the present moment - back to freedom.  Breathing and moving, while noticing my body bask in the energy, I inhibit my desire to dive in.  With endless time, we enjoy our movements as if there was no where else to be.  Listening, moving; smiling with the sun as the cool ocean waters caress our feet.

After completing our practice with gratitude, I jump into the surf.  My warm body shivers as I dive through the first wave, exiting with a scream of joy.  Freedom ... nothing like it.  Can I extend this quality of play in the moment into my guitar playing?  An aspiration perhaps, slow progress already being made with merely thinking in this way. 

Breakfast, followed by housekeeping and I am ready to play.  Where to begin I ask myself, with the Danse Vivante or to move somewhere new? Then I notice my body and decide to begin with an AT lie down.  As my back touches the floor, I know I made the right choice.  Contemplating my body, I release and restore what is naturally true.  Relishing these moments of freedom, I am again grateful for this life and all of those who have shown me the way; grateful for all of those I meet along the way.

Gently strumming the opening chords of Danse Vivante, my wife asks me to play this for her.  I do - twice, minding the subtle shifts and an inclination to continue to explore the musical options of what has been delivered so far.  No need to fence this piece in as finished, I just allow what is there to continue to flow.  A subtle freedom, that has not always been of my nature.   Building on this freedom, I begin to improvise from an Ab major chord.  Where do I go; where might music lead me in this harmonic area outside of my regular haunt?  Remain as free as possible, I tell myself. Ignore any fence my mind may encounter or create.  Lean against or incorporate the fence, perhaps even rest in it's shade; but gently and freely move beyond the fence.

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