Friday, November 25, 2011

A Challenge


When I returned home from work today, I thought that I wanted to focus my guitar work on something new this evening.  Digging into my notebook of musical ideas I took out three scores of works in progress.  After working with one of the ideas for close to 40 minutes, I took a break by doing an Alexander Technique lie down.  I was grateful as my back let go of unneeded tension.  The idea Remember Quiet Evenings, did reveal some new notes and a different feel tonight.

When I returned to the guitar I moved onto the next idea, titled Corvus. There is a haunting quality to this, that I have yet to move forward. But just playing around with it, rekindled my interest in the idea.  I then looked at Danse Vivante, which I had not touched since this summer.  Moving to my desk to make a note to myself, I found my November Goals, one of which was to write three new pieces.  Gosh, I was optimistic at the beginning of this month.  But now as I sit here, I want to honor this to the best I am able.

I suspect that part of my motivation in writing this goal originally was that I know my professional life gets much busier at this time of the year.  New works always keep me eagerly coming back to the guitar regardless of my tiredness.  So with five days to go, I'll work to complete these three ideas.

Guess I better get back to the guitar.

Photo by Barry Stock.

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