Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Privilege

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 29

Tonight my heart is warm and my spirit content because I was able to play music for a lovely group of people in a very special persons home.  In this life we all want to be listened to, we all need to be listened to.  Truly touching to play in such an intimate space, and to have an audience purely and actively listening.  Music is meant to be heard, music comes alive when others are listening.

As I was preparing to leave my home, I stepped into the back yard and saw the first evening star through the top of a neighbors tree.  Weather it was Venus, Mars, or the North Star I am uncertain, but I did make a wish.   Later the Universe responded clearly through the hearts and spirits of the people I played for tonight. I'll never know why this music has come through me; but I do know I'll continue to practice, continue to learn, and be grateful for what is offered.  Happy Birthday Mama, while I know that you are still within me, you really are missed.


  1. Beautiful, darling.
    Your mother is so proud of you and lives in your music and your loving spirit.