Sunday, July 19, 2009

Close to Perfect Sunday


Began warming up improvising with the scale that whispered to me yesterday. At one point I noticed how slumped over the guitar I was. Just a slight release and improvement of my posture and when I began to play again I could hear the improved quality of my tone. How many times do I need to learn this same lesson? I have been exposed to the Alexander Technique for 20 years. Application is another story.

All comes back to the same basic principles which when applied reinforce one another. Improved posture led to better tone and the combination of the two improved my listening which led to ...

12:30 pm EDT

Spent 15 minutes working on notation for August Born when a new chord caught my ear. Played with this briefly and recorded the 5 chords. Time for lunch.

9:40 pm EDT
Enjoyed a perfect summer day with a picnic and walking around Great Falls with the four people I love the most. Totally relished a succulent peach when I returned home. Spoke with Tony Geballe about recording and producing the next release. What an amazing person he is, I am so privledged to work with a man of his qualities.

A brief look at the new chords that showed up today and soon to rest.

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