Sunday, July 12, 2009

Struggle Continues

Currently it is 9:10 EDT. Began practicing 30 minutes ago. Really want to blow off the notation part tonight. Really feeling the need to just play the guitar, work on the pieces I have. Intellectually I can justify this, yet I know I need to honor the commitment that I made. After all I made it for a reason and in a short period of time it has served me well. To let go tonight, no matter how tired I am from a wonderful family day is a mistake. So back to practice. Soon to notate.

9:44 EDT

I listened to the rough recording of what I recaptured of "Beneath Dark Images" from friday night and still can not hear all of the piece in my mind. I decided to notate the other part that I have recalled and then take it from there. This difficulty shows me why I must record these ideas, especially as they develop further and notate at least chord structures as I go along. Now I can return to playing a bit.

10:00 EDT
Played "Livin' the Dream" so effortlessly that I called it a night. good to end on a high point. Just typed EBT instead of mistake. Yes it is Eastern Bed Time for me.

Stay Tuned!

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