Saturday, July 18, 2009

Honor Thy Mistake

One of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies is to " honor thy mistake as a hidden intention." When I worked with Steve Geest in FingerPaint we applied this successfully on many occasions. Tonight while looking for a binder containing scores and other information related to Scattered Hearts I came across another binder. This other binder has been in my possession for years and contains information on South Indian Classical Music. This was given to me by a guitarist I played with briefly and I have not done much with the material.

Tonight I opened to a page containing melodies in the Raga: Mayamalwagaula. I was intriuged by the scale being used which is ABb C#D EF G#A. Thinking of Eno and the potential hidden intention I decided to let go of my original idea for my practice time tonight. I began warming up by playing with this scale.

I'll revisit this again, but for now I have some other guitar work to tend to.

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