Friday, July 17, 2009

Slow & Gentle

9:30 pm EDT

Wednesday was my day off from practicing a deviation from monday as my day off due to family plans. Last night and tonight has me practicing gently and listening more. The exercise I undertook on Tuesday is still informing me.

Listening to rough takes and work on notation also taking place. Looked at Aftermath tonight. I must be gentle with this piece as the constant stretching of my left hand could irritate my tendon. After a bout of tendonitis a couple years ago I am very careful with my left hand work.

Listened to a podcast at the harmonious bodies website today in which Madeline Bruser author of The Art of Practicing was interviewed. She was also stressing the necessity of listening. Madeline works with her students to play from thier heart. Certainly an aspiration that I share. A wonderful thought she shared was " If our heart is not engaged as musicians, then how can we reach the hearts of our listeners."

Back to my guitar.

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