Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Collaboration Laboratory Continues

Yet another configuration tonight - four poets, two dancers, a keyboard player and myself, with poets occasionally moving.  Hannah introduced a group warm-up based on the breath and sound which had a good centering effect.  We worked with three poems and a movement improvisation which elicited words and phrases.  A musical idea that came to me since our last session did fit the poem that I thought it might.  Lots of fun and the pieces are taking form.  Forgot my ebow and a decent pic, so used my fingers exclusively.  I personally felt as if I did more musical exploration and less relying on my own cliches.  Limitations does indeed give rise to increase.

More work and less talking kept the process alive.  The performance is on June 17th.

                           Photo by Tj Matthews


  1. You have achieved a new feat. Clicking on the image reveals a much smaller version. Expectation is a prison.

  2. Nice, limitation as the tool to get there.

    I'm glad to supply anyone with the full file of the image above.