Friday, July 29, 2011

Free to Make Another Brick


The chords I found last night were four note chords.  Today I decided to make another brick, still built on an interval of a fourth, but as triads.  Then I played with finding the inversions to these chords.  Do I now have another brick or three?  In actuality this does not matter, what is important is that I remain engaged in the process.

One different approach I employed earlier in the day with this notion of a piece in C Hijaz was to begin constructing a mind map of what I had.  The act of mapping the ideas to date led me to search for a working title that will bestow a certain quality or sense to the piece.  And to do the work of finding these triads and their inversions.

Still no wall, just more bricks.  Limits, but not walled in and enclosed.  Building blocks for this piece and beyond.  Ordered divergence watered with curios probing may lead to inspired music.  At the very least I am learning; I am enjoying the sounds of a beautiful guitar on loan to me; I am happy just playing; and at times I am free.

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