Friday, July 8, 2011

Keep the Dream


        Loose your dreams,
 and you will loose your mind,
           to life unkind ...

Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones

  I found myself imparting this pearl of wisdom of the Stones to two colleagues at work today.  Certainly my dream of being a musician, has pulled me through many a tough period of my life.  Persistence, courage, and the support of friends and loved ones have fueled my path.

Tonight after a walk along a rain swollen Sligo Creek, I retired to the practice room.  Beginning with an Alexander Technique lie down, I allowed my body and mind to connect.  Slowly allowing the concerns of my week recede into the ether, I simply enjoyed this simple but powerful practice of the lie down.  Noticing my body let go, but not completely.   A slight holding on in my left elbow and shoulder reminding me to direct my thinking and offer freedom to this limb.  What am I holding onto?  Why am I holding on?  Yet I do hold onto my dreams.  Is this a positive example of holding on, or just another form of delusion?  However this dream of being a musician does offer sustenance to my life. I can only hope that this dream offers something to others.

In my practice room there are many pictures of loved ones.  Tonight as I was playing, I looked into my sister's baby picture.  Actually, one of those that illustrate the good use of the neck, that children have before we train them.  Such a warm smile, full of life.  And I knew that she was smiling at me and for me, as I once again made the small effort to keep my dream alive.  Keep your dreams alive, the world needs them.

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