Sunday, July 31, 2011

Multiple Lie Downs

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I am continuing to investigate Philip Pawley's idea of doing more lie downs for shorter periods of time.  Today over the course of an hour & twenty minute practice period, I did six lie downs.  My usual one to begin my practice and then One every ten - fifteen minutes.  Never did I feel the "need" to do a lie down, yet I continued to do so.

The first three lie downs, I noticed the usual place in my spine behind the rib cage was tight.  This tightness let go easily. The duration of each lie down was longer than the minute that Pawley has investigated and suggests.  If indeed I am to rest these muscle that are learning new ways of being used, I suspect that a little longer time on the floor is prudent.  By the end of my practice session I was energized, and even willing to go further.  But a glance at the clock on a Sunday night and I know I need to let go and get to bed.

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