Monday, January 30, 2012

Clouds Never Die


Last night I ended my practice with learning the first section of a sketch I made based on the Haiku form earlier this month.  Tonight this was where I began my practice.  After learning the first section, I began working on the transitions in the B section.  A thought arose of extending the A section, I played with this and was happy with the results.  I gave this piece a working title of "Clouds Never Die."

After completing my session, I enjoyed the company of my wife.  As I was preparing to go to bed, I reviewed the A section in my mind.  I'm still not familiar enough with the B section to hear it without playing.  While making notes in my journal, I reviewed the A section again.  The thought arose to return to the A section after B completes and to invert the second chord of the phrase.  Then just follow, allow, and float on the air of ambiguity.  Now I know how I'll begin tomorrows session.

How will you begin yours?

Photo by Petrov Escarião


  1. "Then just follow, allow, and float on the air of ambiguity." ahhhhhhhh.

  2. Happy that you liked that line Lynn. When it came to me, I knew instantly it fit. Being open to the possible, keeps one from merely returning to the tried and true.