Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Haiku Informs Me

Mixed Media in Progress - Haiku Anchors Me # 3

Since December 31st, I've been on a Haiku kick. Writing Haiku has never been a pursuit, but suddenly I find myself playing with these 5/7/5 syllable word patterns.  Some of the outcomes have surprised me. Time always becomes very precious and in short demand in my life come mid-November.  Professional demands amp up with the Holidays, the end of our fiscal year, and our pending annual licensure inspection.  Then there is my own family and personal Holiday celebrations.  Thus thinking/writing in 17 syllable bursts appears to be efficient. Who knows why this has arrived, but I am in welcoming mode.

On my drive home, the thought arose around using the 5/7/5 as a form for a series of solo guitar pieces. Shortly afters the winter dusk inspired another Haiku, I pulled over to jot this down.  Maybe even a combinations of spoken Haiku and music arose.  Felt good to be open to the possible.

On Sunday I was working on my personal goals for this month, but did not complete writing them out.  After a good short talk with my friend Tom Redmond today, I completed this important task this evening.  Tonight I was a bit more realistic regrading my goals, with my time and circumstances this month.  I've already worked 30 hours in 3 days this week. The goals are actionable, which is a very important factor.  One of the goals is to spend 15 minutes per day to invite in new music.  Playing with the idea of a Haiku form tonight, I enjoyed an hour and a half of creating a new piece.  As Tom has frequently stated these personal goals energize me to do the work I need to do both professionally and personally.  If you happen to be in sales check out his book, Selling From the Inside Out.  Even if you are not in sales, Tom's thoughts and ideas will add value to your life.

While taking a break from my playing earlier this Haiku arrived

                         Haiku informs me.
              Notes form sentiments in sound.
                         Listening to sea.


  1. Wow - I love where haiku is taking you... happy high fives! And also thank you for including my photo... always makes me smile!

  2. PS- the haiku that came to you (brilliant since that is how it happens!) is soul quenching. THANK YOU!