Friday, June 1, 2012

Putting the Head on the Buddha

Thailand '06 - 09 Buddha head at Ayuthaya

Rushing to close the windows two days ago, I saw the possibility of a stone Buddha we bought in Cambodia being knocked off by the blind.  I've closed this blind numerous times successfully, but on this day I was rushing and the Buddha tumbled and lost his head.  This morning I chose to repair this situation.  Before applying glue I manipulated the head about the shoulders on the statue to understand when it felt snug.

Suddenly I was thinking about my own head.  Where is my head in relationship to my spine?  Is my neck free or am I pulling back and making myself rigid as I undertake the task before me?  If I had taken the time to check in with my body before yanking the string on the blind two days ago, might I have inhibited my end gaining and not need to repair this statue now?  As I directed my thinking towards freeing my neck, I let go of the judgement of my actions and entered the moment.  Opening the glue, I opened my heart to myself.  Attaching the head of the Buddha to the neck, I simply smiled and breathed as I held them in place to allow the glue to set.  A minute of breathing and observing, I noticed my spine lengthening, and enjoyed a moment of peace. Watering the seed of practice of the Alexander Technique, while allowing the roots of understanding to deepen, I smiled.

Before editing this post, I did an AT lie down for 15 minutes.  Now my neck is releasing, my back and spine long & wide.  This lie down inhibited my urge to publish and move on the items on my list for today, both personal and what I need to do to prepare for tonight's gig at Artomatic.  Grateful for the reminders that bring me back to the practices that guide and inform my life.  Where are you right now?

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