Monday, June 11, 2012

Releasing, Always Releasing; When I Remember

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Release.  Release. And then release some more.  Entrenched habits release slowly over time. The past week has been fruitful in my Alexander work related to my tennis elbow. As time permits I will firm up my notes on the work I have been doing with this.

Tonight I returned to reviewing the various posts in this blog referencing my application of the Alexander Technique.  More than one person has told me that there may be a book in here.  Time to find out if this is true.  After 40 minutes or so at my desk, I stood and knew that I must do a lie down.  Smiling at the appropriateness of this noticing, I hit the floor and let my back and spine release.  No matter how many times I partake of the lie down (also known as constructive rest), I still marvel at the affect this has on my body and mind when I am done.

While practicing the guitar tonight I paid particular attention to directing my neck to be free and my arms longs.  After my initial improvisations I played through a piece much louder than I normally would to hear what this might sound like and to also develop that as a latent ability.  Then  I played this same piece through again at normal volume paying attention to the emotional quality of the piece.

I moved on to a technically challenging piece that is currently challenging my stamina to get through the piece.  As I was playing through this I noticed myself tensing as the last section arrived.  Part of me wanted to keep going and sacrifice my use to end gaining once again.  Instead  I paused for 8 beats.  With my hands still on the guitar I just took a moment for constructive thinking.  When I had released the unnecessary tension I resumed playing through to the end.  Instead of "toughing it out," making mistakes and possibly aggravating my elbow, I took care of myself.

After this I took a break to practice Qi Gong for 10 minutes.  With the energy flowing, I returned to the guitar and this particular piece again.  At the same tempo my playing was even throughout the piece and I was able to release energy into the notes, not just hold on until the end. I noticed as I frequently do in my morning practice, how the Qi Gong allows my spine to release out of my pelvis. That as my energy flows, I become centered and connected.  But this release takes effort on my part - to do the Qi Gong exercises or to direct my thinking in AT.  Always back to releasing.  And now I release this post into the world.

What do you need to release.

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