Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fortunate Indeed

Tough Luck (1 of 2)

Guitar practice this week has been rough. By the end of the working day, my energies have been zapped. But as one post titled this week aptly stated I show up. Friday night also found me wiped out and we had our beloved granddaughter with us. My wife and her went to pickup a movie and I got in 20 good minutes of playing. My tone was sweet and I was ready. A melody began to emerge.

My granddaughter entered my practice room to tell me the movie was ready. I said I wanted to play, but she really wanted to watch the movie with me. I knew I was in the space were something creative could occur and that there is no guarantee that if I return later I'll access that space. "It would be more fun with me" she said. How could I resist. So I let go of the guitar and had a great time with the family. After 11pm I picked up my guitar again. The melody was still whispering so I recorded what I had.

This afternoon I played with this more. Music was whispering and slowly the sounds are taking form.  I reminded myself of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategy -  Not building a wall, but making a brick. I played what I have which is really a solid beginning for my wife. I said I did not know where to take it next and she made a suggestion. Diving in another spark moved the piece forward a bit. And the title arrived, the same as last night's poem title UnDone. Grateful that the creative spirit waited for me to get back. Indeed I am fortunate or at the very least diligent.

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