Thursday, August 30, 2012

Night Sounds

Night sky and gum tree: Abstract The night songs of summer insects remind me of all that I do not know.  Which insect is making that sound?  Why that rhythm?  How are they making that sound?

Do the insects hear me playing my guitar?  Do they hear the other insects?  Do I hear me playing my guitar?  Or are they just interested in finding their mate? And yes I think I know that answer to that last one.

Is their a rustle of leaves within this part of the song?  The drone of a distant car?  What would summer sound like without the insects?  Why am I so intrigued by this summer symphony?

Does the full moon affect their tunes?  Do they quiet down when they find their mate? Or get louder?  Do they pause from a  thunderclap? What else don't I know?

Hello darkness my old friend ...


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