Thursday, August 16, 2012

Showing Up


This morning I was reading Robert's Diary and one of my favorite aphorisms arrived - With commitment all the rules change.  A good thought to guide my day.  When I came home the motivation to pick up my guitar was lacking.  But because of the commitment I have made to myself, I did open the case and went back to my beginnings.  Playing the first piece that ever came to me generally gets the energy moving.  But tonight other than playing the piece, I was still stuck.

I sensed that I needed some juice, perhaps a brush with the creative process.  I needed an idea.  Holding my guitar with six strings in tune, the clever thought when all else fails do nothing arrived.  So I did for a while, but then I let this go.  Picking up my notebook that contains various ideas and pieces in progress, I looked for an old idea to rework.  Finding a score with a working title of Taking the Veil, I played with this.

Not enough of a spark was in this idea, so I looked again for a new one.  Nothing arrived.  But I had shown up, honored my commitment.  I trust that this will serve me in the longer process of being a musician.  Currently listening to an older work in progress as I type this, I believe I have my bridge to tomorrows work.

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