Friday, August 17, 2012


yours is the music for no instrument
yours the preposterous colour unbeheld
                                  e.e. cummings 

Lift the veil that shadows you. Open to what is yours ... 
Release death's hold on spirit; rise, glide, beebold. 
The world is listening for your you;
                       eager to know and be renewed.
Sounds, form           unfolding            silence.

laughter,    laughter,           revealing     unborn.


What, does it matter?  Yes. Always.

                      and         beeeeeecause.

Lift the veil that blinds you. Open to what is yours ...

Sounds,   scale,          invite The silence 

     listen,  what Is there?

Embrace the veil that guides you. Open to what is theirs.
                Request deaths bold distaste. 
     Search,  thirst,   always - yes.

Be       cause


 Open   open           Open?

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  1. Love e.e and the poet in your heart and mind.
    Congratulations! Beautiful