Friday, January 17, 2014


I wake from a dream where I arrived at dinner on a Guitar Circle course.  There are plenty of seats still available and no food.  Watching myself as I begin to react.  Doing nothing.  Wondering.  Wanting to do something, but doing nothing.  I see too much food on many but not all plates.  Must have been a self service arrangement.  In this dream, I was not in the role of kitchen coordinator and that person was nowhere to be seen.  Probably getting ready to perform at a meal I thought.  Was getting harder to do nothing, especially not to at least make a comment. Possibly why I woke up.

Working with the graphic scores from Sid Smith's String Quartet collaboration has me stumped at the moment.  Sunday I am scheduled to record these two pieces with my old friend and musical partner Steve Geest, yet the second piece is not complete.  Many others have submitted their works and I am beginning to feel a bit of self-imposed pressure, hence the deadline.  The value of a performance or recording date to spur the process is unique and known.  The other two times I recall waking during the evening the melody from Movement III of String Quartet was playing in my head.  This is a good sign and I  trust the process.

I have also seen how vital my portable mp3 recorder is to my process.  My old R-09 has given up the ghost & I am waiting for a replacement to arrive. This  added to the challenge of working from a photo as a graphic score. Examining this, I can not hear where the melody is leading me yet. I have a two working titles that arose for this piece.  They are on a post-it note next to the photo.  Perhaps if I select one as they are embodying different, even opposing qualities the piece will evolve.  Life is very good. The table is set.

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