Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two Times to Lie Down

Tonight while practicing, I became aware of tightness and unnecessary tension in my lower back and right elbow.  Pausing to think through the Alexander Technique directions I found a bit of freedom, but not enough.  Time to hit the floor for an AT lie down.  As I gathered my books I thought when was the last time I did this?  Not a good sign when I can not remember doing something that always yields positive results.

While on the floor I noticed other tensions below the right shoulder and across the back  in general that are familiar to me.  What happened?  Why so long since I've done this wonderfully freeing practice?  There have been times when I've done 2 & 3 or more lie downs in a day, but in the mist of a full life this has somehow dropped off.  The past few days I've thought of doing a lie down, a sign that one is needed, but for some reason, or rather lack of reasoning I have not.  Fortunately the reminders of a good habit kept whispering to me and finally got my attention.

Thus while my back released into the floor I came up with the two times to do an Alexander Technique lie down rule -  When I think I need a lie down and when I don't!


  1. Frustratingly true with oh so many necessities!

  2. ... and heartening to understand I'm not alone!

  3. While working on some chord changes tonight I heard myself thinking, oh I don't need a lie down right now. Invoking the rule I hit the floor and I am happy I did. Back to practicing.