Friday, January 29, 2010

Day of Delight

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. Tonight after warming up I was thinking of her and her parents.  How delighted they must have been on this evening many moons ago. Her mom plump and loving; and most likely so ready to birth this truly wonderful person.

I began to improvise and found a chord that speaks to this delight. I followed where the notes wanted to take me, gently allowing new notes to emerge. Trusting they will take form and celebrate my beloveds birth. For tonight my work is done, time to rest.

Tomorrow we celebrate.

Twenty minutes later.

After posting this I picked up my guitar once more to play through what I had. Suddenly my hands moved to a new idea, the piece is flowing. The recorder turned on to capture what I may be too tired to remember.


  1. What a beautiful reflection, Patrick! Happy birthday to your wife.

  2. My love, no present could be sweeter. Thank you. The piece is so beautiful.

  3. Hi!
    I'm letting all of our "Reduce Clutter; Create Space" explorers know that I have a new Free Spirit Knits fan page on Facebook. Feel free to join and post anything about your journey on that page!

    Happy day, Patrick.

    How was your wife's special day?