Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Progress Not Perfection

Twice I woke from sleep last night with the part of Dandelion Wish reverberating in my mind. This is not uncommon for me but the fact that this was still happening when I woke for the day is rather unique. Perhaps because I did the  visualization during the time I was awake at 4 am.

While waiting for my wife to sit with me this morning I sat in a chair and was resting on my breath. I decided to spend time with the visualization. I moved onto visualizing the entire piece. Good practice and morning time may be the best time for this but not sure how I could do this on a regular basis and still make it to work on time.

A classical guitarist Jeff Davis shared some of his efforts with visualizing via twitter last night. He alternates physical practice days and visualizing practice. He also said "I've found that there's a direct relation between the sections I have difficulty visualizing & memory slips during performance." This very good information born of experience is inspiring me to find the way to include more visualization work into my practice routine.

The bug is still with me so most of this day has been at rest. Reading Dr. Faustus and spending some time with practicing visualization. I did practice for a brief period tonight. Slowly increased the tempo for the part I am working on up to 64 bpm. Noticed a flow in my right hand motion that has not been there for this part to date. Excited I increased the tempo to 68 bpm and began thinking of what I would write in the blog. Train wreck ensued as my attention wavered with this new form of distraction. Gently quieted down again and backed off to 66 bpm. Still some issues so back to 64 bpm until I played the part well once and then I let go. Time to rest again and allow the brain to consolidate this work.

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