Friday, January 1, 2010

Three Hundred & Sixty Four to go

Making New Year's resolutions has never been a real practice of mine. I am aware enough of the power of habits to know that a simple  change in the calendar does not affect change in my life. Yet I do find myself reflecting on my life perhaps a tad more at this time of the year. The increased time with family and friends highlights the importance of these loving relationships for me.

And there is a usefulness to look at where I have been and where I want to go. The recent past has been very fruitful musically. I trust that this will continue. I am ready to seek out more opportunities for performing at house concerts and to investigate live recording. The latter point was brought up on my recent Guitar Craft course in October and I trust that this will be a valid process for me. As with all processes there will be learning and growth opportunities, but as long I can remember my aim in undertaking these efforts I know the right conditions will manifest.

I still intend to develop the material and record "When the Ocean Courts a Drop." Much of the music is written and needs to be polished. One of the best ways I know to polish music is through live performance so this serves the aforementioned need to perform more.

Almost on a whim today after reading  a post by a friend I decided to begin a series of postings to my website pertaining to music. Most likely these will be brief pointers to music I am interested in or blogs related to music, or ??? Should be fun, hopefully not overwhelming. If I find that it is becoming a distraction another decision will be made. Hmmm so am I doing this or not then? Time will tell. The first one can be found here - Sufi Music of Turkey.

Happy New Year. May this be the year we find peace in the world. At least let this begin with me.

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  1. As always, Patrick, your writing helps to remind me of my own aims. Hope this year goes well for you.