Friday, January 8, 2010


Twenty-one years ago today I began my Level One course with Guitar Craft in a beautiful redwood forest in Ben Lomand, California. Never would have I imagined the significance of this process in my life. I barely played guitar, possessed a love of music and the desire to be a musician. The knowledge and experiences that have been provided me in Guitar Craft have been transformative.The people that have touched me are many and they continue to challenge & inform, lead & inspire, provide example & exhibit courage in their lives.

A heartfelt thank you to one and all for kindling the flame of music within me, framing the possibilities of life, and holding me on the path.

After writing this two hours ago I went & played A Journeyman's Way Home, the first piece that ever came to me in Guitar Craft. Still takes me back. Played a few more pieces and then rested.

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