Friday, November 5, 2010

Broken Wing

Spread the Wings and break the shackles

A different kind of day for me today. I was up early and writing, looking to explain what I am currently exploring with the Alexander Technique. Moved on to Qi Gong and my sitting. After breakfast I had a vein ablation procedure on my left leg for varicose veins. This led to a relatively quiet day for me - resting, reading, walking, resting, listening & taking notes from Tuesday' s AT class, and walking. After dinner I retired to the basement to practice.

 I did some work with Matka Boska & Livin' the Dream. I'll be offering one of these pieces at the Washington Mindfulness Community's Day of Remembrance this coming Sunday evening. I'm feeling good about both of them. I did a variation on a lie down with my legs propped up and then returned to my guitar. I began to improvise and noticed that music was whispering to me. I listened and followed and sensed that the piece that was developing was for my friend Jay Bott who left this earth recently.  My last visit to Jay inspired the post last month called The Unexpected Music Lesson. He was a dear and sweet man and while I miss him, I also know that he is still with me.

As the piece unfolded I turned on the tape recorder in case something flew by too quickly for me to digest in the moment. Quickly I had a beginning, middle, and was close to the end. I took a piece of staff paper to notate the chord changes. After writing the date and Jay's name down I heard myself give it a working title of Broken Wing. I'm not sure why but will trust this for now. While still notating my wife arrived home and I invited her to listen to what I had. While playing and approaching the end an unexpected twist arrived. I believe I have the ending. After completing notating what I have so far I looked at the time and saw that just an hour had passed. A blessed hour for sure. In gratitude to Jay Bott, Music, and the Creative Spirit that guides us.

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