Friday, November 19, 2010

Matka Boska

She's so lucky, she's a star...

Ninety-one years ago today, my maternal grandparents gave birth to a lovely baby girl named Kashka or Catherine. I am sure that they were proud and happy on this day. I certainly am. Growing up on a farm outside of Baltimore the family spoke Polish at home. When the children went to elementary school they were taught English by Polish nuns.

When mom was upset with one of her children she would intone - Matka Boska meaning Blessed Mother. Her way of asking for help. Over twenty years after her death I was playing one night and a new piece began to emerge. I recognized immediately her presence and named the piece Matka Boska in her honor. Since then on the evening of her birthday my wife and  I light candles and I play this to her.

Tonight we were joined by my granddaughter. A spontaneous music & dance jam followed. While there was no polka the celebration was memorable. Blessings to all of the Mothers of this world today and always.

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