Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Remembered

On my commute home today I was listening to Time Remembered, a beautiful lyrical interpretation of the music of Bill Evans by John McLaughlin. John assembled a group consisting of The Aighetta Quartet, a classical guitar group, and Yan Maresz on acoustic bass guitar. I've listened to this for years. Always inspired by how gentle yet powerful, composed but improvised, Bill Evans yet John McLaughlin this music is. As soon as My Bells ended I wanted to listen again, yet I had already had this same impulse twice. Rewarded for my patience by a burning solo on the title track Time Remembered.

After dinner I wanted to get to guitar practice as tonight is the first game of the season for Maryland Basketball, the one sport I actively watch. I found a chord and followed it with another. Before I knew it I was engaged with the beauty of discovery. One chord after another gently flowing forward. I began writing this down and continued to explore. Not sure where the chords will go nor if an ending will be revealed. I sense a connection to what I heard on McLaughlin's lovely renditions. Half time is a few minutes away so I'll spend another twenty minutes enjoying the process.


  1. Time Remembered is a stunning piece of work. Glad to know you have it in your world.


  2. I don't know how you do it Patrick! You listen, you play, you watch, you blog.........I'm reeling. And yes, love that Bill Evans tune too. Now to hear John's version.

  3. Cool. I came upon your blog from another source, directing me to a different post, then found this one. I was working with McLaughlin's solo on "Very Early" just a few weeks before you wrote this post. Love that album.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Joe. I took a quick glance at your blog and will be back.