Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mama Said There'd BE Days Like This

Low energy yet again today. I suspect it is a combination of distress from the vein ablation procedure and general tiredness. Been resting since Friday but still wiped. Any time the body is invaded the energy system is taxed, even if I am not feeling pain nor even  discomfort. I canceled the Field Session this afternoon. Really want to make the Day of Remembrance with the sangha and to perform Matka Boska there.

I worked with Broken Wing this afternoon and just listened back to the recording. I was going to present this at the Field, c'est la vie. I have been pausing for some Alexander Technique work as I move about our home. Today is not the day to make great demands on myself, just be gentle with where I am. Soup making, a little listening, some organizing, and reading are the tasks I can honor. Grateful there is music in my life.

I read this in RF's diary post from October 17, 2010 today:

Music is a society of the imagination: the Good Society where truth prevails. 

The movement of melody represents ordered, intentional & responsible conduct; harmony, moral order; rhythm, the intrinsic joy of being alive.

Good words to ponder as I return to my chair.

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