Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alexander Wonder

Hibiscus Wonder

My left leg was killing me today. I left work early to rest. This seems to come & go since I had a procedure for varicose veins a month ago. Gig coming on Thursday, the Holidays, increased stress at work, all seem to be taking their toll on my left leg. How to practice tonight I thought while driving home?

Fortunately I had my Alexander Technique appointment for tonight. I was hoping that David Jernigan could somehow free the stress in my left calf & thigh. We worked a little bit before he put me on the table. Slowly the muscle in my left leg lengthened and relaxed. The details of what happened are beyond my ability or desire to go into but the pain was lessened considerably. David did have me take out my guitar.

I chose play a chord sequence on Broken Wing which is not fluid. He talked me through some suggestions. Then I found a quality in my right hand that had been lacking. Just arpeggiating one chord at a time. By the time I came home my left leg was free. I practiced gently for a while reviewing the trouble spots in Beneath Dark Images and Broken Wing. Feeling my leg tightening I took a break. Then a quick run through of the three song set for the Dinner Party/Fieldwork showing on Thursday.

David gave me some wonderful suggestions to work with tonight. I am very grateful for his work. I wonder why everyone isn't taking lessons in the Alexander Technique?

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