Friday, December 3, 2010

To Come Into Being

While I was preparing to go to work this morning there was a piece playing in my mind.  I knew it was there, slipping in and out of prominence when I spoke with my wife.  I could hear this one section repeating, and realized I was not sure what piece it was from, but knew it was one of mine.  I listened and realized that it was the rocking section from Becoming, the new piece I've blogged about already.  What struck me as odd was the fact that I did not work on Becoming last night. I focused on the three pieces I'll be performing next week.

Often I wake during the night and have whatever piece I was working playing in my mind.  To have something reverberating that I did not focus on last night was odd.  As I was driving to work with no audio playing, the piece continued to play on in my mind.  As I listened I heard that a new line that wants to come in.  If I had been carrying my mp3 recorder I could have captured this. Smiling I tried to visualize where this line was being played on the guitar.  The higher positions on the A & D strings was what I could surmise.  Looks as if this piece really wants to come into being. I practiced tonight for 45 minutes, focusing on the three pieces for next week, and then attended a celebration with my wife.  Dare I pick up my guitar now as I recall the events of this morning, and see if I can nail down this part?  Dare I not?

 I can no longer hear the part.  I am very tired, but that has not stopped me before.  What is stopping you?

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