Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Day of the Gig

I had a difficult time falling asleep due to discomfort in my left leg last night. Upon arising I noticed the rash on my left cheek was spreading, and my leg was still tightening up. A hot pad and distracted attempt at sitting, followed by a guided meditation led by my wife helped me to leave our home in proper condition. Driving to work I was wondering how am I going to perform tonight?

The leg continued to trouble me throughout the morning. Around 11:30 am, one of the nurses where I worked was concerned about my rash. She suggested that I see my doctor, that it may be a viral infection. A call to his office to find out he was not working tomorrow and all the slots for today were full. Fortunately the receptionists squeezed me in. Of course leaving work unexpectedly has ramifications. The thought perhaps I should cancel performing tonight raced through my mind. I did not entertain this thought for long, so I knew I would need to tough it out.  After a reasonable wait to see the doctor, I raced to the pharmacy and swiftly received my meds. Back home for an hours worth of phone calls to complete my professional responsibilities. Sometime during the wait in the doctors office my leg calmed down.

A rest with the hot pad, followed by a light supper, and then off to the Atlas Performing Arts Center for the show. A small but attentive audience, were rewarded by a diverse series of performances. During my first piece, part of the nail on my first finger disappeared. I heard it happen and knew what it was. This bothered my playing in a few instances, but the break was smooth enough to be manageable. My playing felt good and the audience was appreciative. I made some great connections in the process of this Fieldwork sessions. Now to let go of my post gig energy and rest, because in six hours I will be rising again. Happy that I found my way through this day.

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