Friday, December 17, 2010

When You Have Nothing

Feels like Friday, probably because it is Friday.  Only problem is that I still have the opportunity to also work tomorrow.  Our annual Holiday Open House is upon us at work tomorrow so I will be there.  And I love it, our residents and their families love it, just a lot of joy being generated.  But I'm also very tired. All I really want to do is to lie on the sofa and look at out Christmas Tree.  Yet I know that it is at times like this, when I simply move towards my guitar, that something becomes available to me, perhaps even to the world.

What will occur? I do not know.  Will it be inspiring, fun, or a trying period of time when my fingers just flail?  Who knows?  But the desire to connect, however weak this may be right now, will be nourished. The vibrations of the strings will affect me positively even if I do not notice.  This I know from experience.

When you have nothing left to give, everything is possible. This sounded profound as it stumbled from my fingers. Off I went to tune my guitar and then my A string snapped. A sign? No not really, just time to change the string.

1 comment:

  1. As I held the image of you on a couch just staring at the tree, dog tired and wondering if you should get up and play with these words "when I simply move toward my guitar" ...
    I saw you point your finger at your guitar, and your guitar danced toward you. You know, kind of Mickey Mouse magician mischief. Have fun...