Friday, July 1, 2011

Now is the Only Time I Have to Practice.

resistance is futile.

Sometimes I suppose it is fine to give into my tiredness on a Friday night,  and let go of practicing.  But tonight is not going to be one of those nights.  Seldom is actually, I love to begin my weekend with embracing music.  I've been home from work for hours.  I have rested, had a delightful dinner prepared for me, organized paperwork and had a wonderful walk along Sligo Creek.  Plus I have a three day weekend in front of me.  To the guitar, Now!

I refuse to give into the resistance.  If you have not read nor listened to Steven Pressfields classic The War of Art get to Amazon and get a copy.  I particularly love the gruffness of his voice on the recording and the frankness of his prose.  If I don't practice Now, when will I?

Just writing about my resistance earlier, I felt energized.  The blockage had a chink and I picked up my guitar.  Beginning with an ear training exercise, I then began to improvise.  Just having fun, I allowed years of work to guide my hands.  Twenty-five minutes passed and I took a short break.  Heading back down now.  Truly, Now is the only time I have to practice.

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  1. Good for you, Patrick! It's making me want to get up and practice too. I think I will, in fact.

    Thank you. I needed that!


  2. I'm taking your suggestion and just bought teh book - one click on Amazon - love it. I'm a newbie writer of just 5 years, really just 2 making money at it, and need help! Met you on a Sunday nite, I believe.

  3. Susan, Glad that my words are useful for you. Keep in touch and let me know what you think of The Art of War.