Friday, February 13, 2015

Daily Practice

What I do each day as I practice life.

Journaling - an effort to inquire what goes on in my life, in my mind, even in my feelings.  Sometime also a diary.

A morning sitting meditation with my wife, often twice a week with a group.

Qi Gong.

Pausing throughout the day to connect with the various practices in my life including the Alexander Technique.

These days a long walk.

Guitar practice/playing.

And for reasons I'm still not entirely sure of a publishing.  One of the things I'm learning with the daily blog is that just like any other practice I've undertaken, some days are better than other.  Life truly is very good. 

All of these practices nourish, inspire and guide me.  They inter-are and connect within me and connect me to the world at large. May you find those practices that do the same for you.

Photo by Wonderlane.

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