Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wander For Life

                  Wandering creates the desert - Edmund Jabes

A melody awakes the fingers to find her, inviting the nomad to follow.  Entering in the mystery of the sands of time, a rhythm arises taking the melody to a new dune.  Still, barren, huge moments of lost wonder.  The next note is found, teasing the throat of the composer for more fluid motion.  Notes arriving everywhere like sand in boots.  Dunes arising, obscured by the sun, changed by the wind.  Where is the note which points the nomad home? 

A new space, an odd rhythm - like an oasis providing sanctuary for the melody to expand.  The nomad overhears the lilt of foreign tongues, shadows embellishing the search, stress brought to the form.  Phrases of freedom and foundation arrive from the ocean of fire. With thirst quenched and
 desire strengthened the nomad can not remain in the oasis.  Knowing safety is an illusion, a step away, toward and in the sand is taken.  Another dune arises.  A sandy cliff of possible inspiration or a desperate view of the desert of the unknowing. 

Looking back at the footsteps traced in sand, where to turn, when to turn?  Sound bleached to its essence, be this a song of sorrow, forgiveness, hope or love.  Block the glare and be not immune to beauty.  Listen to the silence of the sand harmonized by the shifting winds, taking in the brilliant hues of sunset and opening to the cool whispers of evening.  Tread softly, nomad, with ears wide open.  Follow the flux, prodding the movement and rupturing stasis.  Listen.  Listen to the wander. 

Reach for the edge of the boundaries with your heart's ear.  Soar within the sands, embrace the heat of the search, and with parched tongue sing again and again.  Respect the scorched bones of other nomads, learn from them and remain in motion.  Seize the journey because life itself depends upon your work.  Be a nomad in search of truth.

Photo by H. Adam


  1. Amazing mind....poetic....searching always. Beautiful!

  2. you can write music behind these lyrics