Thursday, October 8, 2020



Lifes’ demands obscure.

Decades striving just to be.

Clarity comes; then goes.

When my wife told me she needed to focus on clarity today, I knew she was not alone. To foster this I began my morning guitar practice playing through my established repertoire. Felt right and good even fun sometimes. To just play my guitar. There was clarity with this action as I have an intention to perform a set online in the near future. While I need to iron out the logistics of this, I must be ready. With the creative outburst I’ve had during the past two months I’ve let go of regularly practicing my established repetroire. But no more.

At one point I found myself slumping over the guitar. Argh - lack of clarity of how I use my body - again. Despite decades of exposure and practice with the Alexander Technique, end-gaining is alive and well. I did notice though. Thus I paused. Introducing freedom through directing my thinking. Letting go of holding on. 

Realizing that I’ve neglected my work with getting comfortable with performing for a camera out came my phone. Not liking the quality of the sound the need for clarity arose again. Get out at least one of the new mics and experiment. Better quality, though the volume is a bit low. Progress not perfection.

Photo by: jrperes

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