Monday, October 19, 2020



Today I shared a story from my early days in Guitar Craft with some friends. There was talk of the courses ending for good. This fear of loosing this wonderful nourishing form led to a piece,Kicked Out of the Nest which Steve Geest and Peter Legowski added parts to and we performed and recorded this as oDD CamP along with Joan Bull. 

When i went to play guitar I wondered what would todays Kicked Out of the Nest be like? Improvising an idea arose. Then a different one which I danced with for a while. Hours to be exact. Working title is Nested. Somehow hearing some longer tones floating through, perhaps an oboe or other wind instrument; maybe even some sharp chirpy clusters too. But for now here we are.

Thoughts &  feedback are welcome.

Photo by Russ Seidel

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