Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 Towards the end of my meditation this morning I worked with a relatively new Alexander Technique practice. Gently asking the question “where might I be a bit easy.” Sensing ease and observing it sometimes spreading. Refreshed I was ready to practice my guitar.

After around 45 minutes.I noticed I was tense while working on a difficult transition. Part of me wanted to persist. Fortunately the wiser part of me paused, put down the guitar, stretched, worked a couple minutes with visualizing the transition to see what I knew. Returning to the question I nurtured a sense of calm and ease. Then I began again. Pausing another time a couple minutes later, leaving the guitar on this time, but slowing down the impulse to plow through. This is fine motor training not digging a hole. (Actually having installed in-ground swimming pool in my youth, a pick is best used effortlessly but too many work too hard with that instrument also.)

This is still an ongoing lesson related to understanding the need for me to remember to introduce ease into my guitar practice. Sometimes trying too hard to “get it right” leads to tension which works against masterful playing. This then affects my thinking and occasionally my emotions.

I was ready to move onto to develop Exiled, but decided to improvise first. Need to balance my maintenance of known pieces/exercises with venturing into the unknown.

This letting go led to a new musical theme emerging. Until it didn’t. Needing to understand where the notes want to go next I took a short break. Returning to the guitar the theme moved along. Suddenly it was time for lunch and errands.

Photo by Bee Kim

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