Friday, November 19, 2021

Matka Boska

My Mother was born on this day 102 years ago. Sounds like a long time doesn't it. What is time? What is birth? Death?  Catherine Teresa or Kashka as the Poles would call her is still alive in my heart and mind. Always will be. I think of her every day when I play. Look at her black and white photograph as a young woman to inspire me. After all she gave me the breath of life.

And my first real guitar - a Fender Jaguar. But she only did this after I practiced for months on a rented acoustic. She was generous, but not foolish with her hard earned money from working in a can factory.  Many years ago I was improvising one evening when a piece began to arise. The notes just flowed out of me and I knew it was about Mom. The easiest piece I have ever titled - Matka Boska. Polish for Blessed Mother. 

Tonight I lit a candle and with my wife listening I played Matka Boska. You may listen here:

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