Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What’s Next & How to Get There

Finally found a printed copy of a poem I wrote a few years ago - Boys in Blue Ties. A while back I was mind mapping my next release and had put this down as a possibility. But I could not find it on my laptop. I wondered and doubted that I had only written it by hand somewhere, because I knew I had recited it in a workshop and an open mic. Come to find out it is on my old lap top and for some reason did not transfer. Now I have to determine what else might be in limbo.

But I was excited upon finding it last night. I recited it for my wife this morning and then recorded myself to hear the cadence and rhythm of my recitation. After listening I dropped a few words and made some changes and taped it again. I then played a bit with what might be possible to play while reciting this. Nothing solid yet. May need to be someone else, another instrument or just my voice.

Does it fit with my solo guitar work. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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