Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Mock Recording

As I contemplated how to practice today I decided it was time to change my direction just a bit. I aim to record these pieces I've been working on and that process has it's own challenges above and beyond just playing a piece. Something about those microphones that hear EVERYTHING pointed out my guitar. At me. I chose Searching, Down the Hilll and What Is This? to work with.

With the mics armed and the recorder on I wanted to record three full takes of each piece. There are challenges that arise such as feeling good about how a particular recording was happening and the resultant loss of focus due to the mental chatter I did not notice and curtail in time. Then there are the false starts that I abandon quickly, but need to recenter and keep my bearings. And that darn mic is looking right at me.  Each challenge took less than 20 minutes and reintroduced me to the "pressure" I experience with recording. 

As the pressure builds it also exposed how much work I still need to put into What Is This? 

Photo by Pingnews

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