Monday, November 22, 2021

Mental Practicing

 How many notes do I play in a day? How many imagined? Listened to via scoring program or recorded music? Practice right after breakfast for 75 minutes. This is generally my best time. Had a couple meetings this morning and then errands to run as the food stores in the US get crowded by the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

90 more minutes of practice after dinner. I decided to nap in the afternoon and took the score for What Is This? with me. Complicated piece that I’ve been working on a long time. After studying this score yesterday I decided to just work on the right hand plucking as there was confusion there. Valuable insight. Before I studied it today I reopened Donald Greene’s book Performance Success. Regarding mental practice I noticed part of the process I have been overlooking. He says “The process cue for mental practicing is to imagine yourself playing the piece correctly all the way through.”

I did this then and also later as I studied the score for Looking Both Ways before practicing. I also used Mental Practicing with the score for Anchor Fence is Gone.

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