Sunday, November 28, 2021


Yesterday I improvised as I began my practice. An idea appeared. I chased where this melody led me for 90 minutes. My practice ended as we went to visit family for the rest of the day.

Today part of the answer to my question of Friday manifested. This was wonderful. For much of the year my focus has been on developing and learning new works. And then ever few days I play older works I know. Today the idea to alternate the old with the new arose in my mind and I experimented with this.

I practiced parts and then the whole of About to Be for about 12 minutes. Then I played through an older piece Gathered Hearts. Immediately I noticed how as I played GH ease and joy arose in my playing. I continued like this for the next 3 hours. Breaks for coffee or Qi Gong included.

In the latter phase of this practice focus was still there. I played What Is This? a technically difficult piece as good as I’ve ever played it.By alternating between the unknown and the known my body, mind and spirit were nurtured and better able to stay with my practice. Amen!

Photo by Kyle McDonald

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