Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alive Day 4

                           Sign and photo by my granddaughter.

Close to performance time I was looking back to the beginning of this particular project in what my granddaughter dubbed "the ultimate green room."  Suddenly I touched my beginnings with Guitar Craft. Somehow this series of performances now appeared larger in my personal cycle than I have realized. There is much for me to digest. I am seeing how I function in performance. Finding what works for me, how much can I give, how far I have to go. But so much is possible when I commit to the process and allow others to support.

Today was overwhelming. I teared up in the green room for 21 years of the impossible. So very grateful to Joann, Tony, Robert, Sandra, Peter, Steve and all the others who have worked with me, challenged me, and supported me over the years.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your performances; left me wanting to know so much more. Tearing up for 21 years of the impossible that now IS and you made it so along with your wondrous support system. I hear you celebrating and I send up my own energy for your celebration. No small feat, Patrick. Congratulations!